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Vintage 1850s Brass Drum Microscope

Vintage 1850s Brass Drum Microscope

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Vintage 1850s Brass Drum Microscope

This nineteenth century European drum-style microscope was made by Georges Oberhauser (1798-1868) around 1850
Oberhauser was widely respected for his craftsmanship and this microscope is a reflection of his high achievements as an instrument maker. The microscope foot (or base) is circular and heavily weighted with lead in order to provide a high degree of stability, a feature lacking on the English microscopes. The flat stage with clips was advanced for the period and the bi-convex lens used to focus illumination on oblique samples was a feature not found on most drum microscopes. Both coarse and fine focus are accomplished via the knob at the base of the microscope that is connected to a support that holds the body tube to the base. Fine focus moves the body tube by a screw thread mechanism, while coarse focus is achieved with a rack and pinion gear set. A large concave mirror positioned in a cut out at the base of the microscope is used to reflect illumination onto the sample.


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