(316413) RARE 2.37ctw. Mali Grandite Color Change Garnet Stone

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    These are RARE color change Garnets, also known as GRANDITE, from the Western African nation of Mali. Taken from the Mali Empire, the name Mali means, "the place where the king lives." Garnets are known to come in 10 different colors, the rarest of these being peach, green, and clear. The stones are known to regulate blood circulation, help treat blood related illnesses, and are thought to strengthen bones and lungs. They induce passion, fire, and energy, and bring about good luck in relationships. They are also said to inspire contemplation and truthfulness, and offer the wearer the power to protect their standing and material possessions. In ancient times, Gernets were given as parting gifts to express friendship and the hope that the friends would meet again. This stone should be worn on the middle finger for maximum effect.
    These RARE color change Garnets from Mali are hybrids of Grossularite and Andradrite Garnets - Andradite is one of the rarest and most fluorescent members of the Garnet family. They were first discovered only in 1994, and are usually found in Alluvial deposits, which are clay/silt/gravel carried by streams to a point where they slow down and end up in a non-marine setting. They are generally greenish with fluorescence, and are ONLY found in Mali. These stones are noticeably more brilliant than other Garnets with a similar Refractive Index. The lack of water and the high temperatures in Mali makes the mining of these stones problematic and production has been declining. These are extremely RARE stones. According to the most recent price guide, these sell for $40-$200/ct at the 1ct weight, and $50-$200/ct at the 2ct weight. They become progressively rarer and more expensive in larger sizes. High quality color change Garnets can command $90-$500/ct on the market.
    This particular stones exhibits 100% color change. It measures 9x7mm, and contains 2.37ctw. Don't miss your chance to own one or more of these RARE color change Garnets from Mali!

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