Cultured & Lab-Grown Diamonds

Why Buy Cultured(Lab-Grown) Diamonds?

Why should you consider purchasing a cultured diamond? A cultured,
or lab-grown, diamond is, down to the chemistry and molecules, the
same thing as a natural diamond. A cultured diamond is chemically and
physically a diamond. Cultured diamonds have the same thermal and
electrical conductivity as mined diamonds.Since cultured diamonds are
essentially the same as natural diamonds, they have the same
properties and the same ranking of 10 on the Mohs scale.The
differences between Natural Diamonds and Cultured Diamonds cannot be
seen with the naked eye. Since a cultured diamond appears identical
to a mined diamond, most jewelers won't be able to tell the
difference. So, they will pass a diamond tester exam.Another very
important reason to consider buying cultured diamonds is that they
are an ethical choice. The extraction of diamonds from the earth is
fossil fuel intensive, environmentally damaging, and becoming less
sustainable every year. Diamond mines are some of the largest holes
ever dug in the Earth, requiring immense amounts of fossil fuels to
extract the gemstones with heavy machinery. Not to mention, mined
diamonds have a controversial history that is tied to the use of
child labor in some African diamond mines as well as sales of
illegally traded “conflict diamonds” that fund conflict in
war-torn areas. All in all, you can rest safe knowing that cultured
diamonds are a brilliant, ethical, and beautiful choice.

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