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3080N Underwater Submersible Metal Detector

3080N Underwater Submersible Metal Detector

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Welcome to the exciting world of Treasure Hunting.

Our metal detectors are proven and highly advanced 21st century models with the latest technology and many years of field tested improvements. These detectors can locate and alert you to all kinds of treasures including gold, silver, platinum, coins, artifacts, lost jewelry, and articles such as your keys in the snow or shallow water. Metal detecting is a fun and rewarding pastime for you and the whole family offering free exercise, adventures and great memories. Our metal detectors are made of superlative quality components, a combination and fusion of the best features from many different metal detectors. This model is dependable and rugged yet lightweight with many adjustable options. All of our metal detectors are constructed with waterproof coils and cabling, which is a very important feature allowing you to hunt in shallow water creeks, ponds, surf and beach edges, within heavy morning dew or anywhere there is a lot of grass or vegetation. This model is waterproof and submersible up to 40 feet in fresh or salt water. The 3080N model is our professional submersible metal detector that allows you to hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold and silver just about anywhere on land, swamps, rivers, ponds, in the ocean and over deserts or mountains. It comes with built-in headphones and one battery for operation, plus an additional spare.

Specifications/Special Features Include:

LED Visual Target Response Light

Length collapsed 34"

Frequency: VF Search 2.4Khz with Quartz Crystal Controlled Audio and Target Response at 400Hz

Searching Mode: VF Discrimination or Slow Motion

Work Environment: Salt Water, Fresh Water, Swamps and all land terrain

245mm or 9.6" spider search coil

Shielding: 100% ESI

Volume control for your headphones 

Power supply: One 9V batteries

Operation modes: All metal and surface elimination

Water proof up to 10 meters in depth (Approx 40 feet)

Adjustable stem for comfort for diving mode

Audio built-in through headphones

Headset included (Free $39.99 value)

Sifter Scoop included (Free $29.99 value) 

English Manual included free

Two Battery Sets included for a total of 2 (9V) batteries (Free $5.00 value)


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